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Our Long Island facility, located in Nassau County, New York contains a stocked parts room, side bay for truck storage and state-of-the-art shop with equipment needs to repair, restore and work on several tow trucks at any given time for a streamlined, hassle-free workflow.

For more than four decades, owner Tom DeCillis has gained a respectable reputation in the towing industry throughout the New York tri-state area where he now provides New York with the finest tow equipment, parts, and service.

Tom’s son “Junior” also plays a vital role at Tri-State Towing Equipment
as the General Manager. Junior has grown up in the towing distribution industry and will be happy to assist you with any aspect of our company and with any towing equipment needs you have. Contact Tom or Tom Jr.

Parts Manager, Tom Busch (Danny retired) , is also a valuable member of the Tri-State Towing Equipment of New York team. He has the knowledge, experience and desire to assist all of our valued customers with all of their towing questions and concerns. As a former tow truck operator, his hands-on experience has guided individuals with every aspect of the towing
industry for decades. Visit our Parts Department page.

Proud Distributor of MillerTM Products
Made in the U.S.A.

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